Do you require a different type of driveway? How about considering resinbound?

Beautiful driveways and patios can be designed and installed by our expert team here at A&S Contractors. Trading since 1957, our family run team are in their 3rd generation, delivering quality driveways in a wide range of materials.

Resinbound is one of those quality materials. Made from aggregates mixed together with a UV resin, resinbound driveways are highly durable yet simply stunning.

Aggregates such as granite and quartz are chosen for their size, shape and colour and hand troweled onto your existing driveway or hard standing area. If you require a simple look then choose one colour for the whole driveway, or for more of a bespoke look, mix colours together.

Resinbound driveways always look great when edged with a decorative border made of block paving, speak to a member of our team who will be able to show you pictures of recently completed driveways in your local area.

Our resinbound driveways are permeable, anti slip and are resistant to weed growth so are virtually maintenance free with no loose stones to contend with. It is a flexible material so is highly resistant to cracking and because of the UV resin which is used, the colours will not fade in the sun.

This stunning mixture can also be used not only for driveways but also patios, pathways, tree pits, children´s play areas and entrances.

Our resinbound driveways are fully guaranteed and we do not require a deposit to get started. We carry public liability insurance of £5m for your peace of mind too.

So, for a stunning alternative to tarmac, give A&S Contractors a call today on any of the numbers closest to you at the top of the page, we look forward to being of help to you.